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We will begin accepting applications for the 2012 Cohort on Wednesday, November 2nd. In preparation for submitting your application, create an account here today.

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Candidates to Denver Teaching Fellows benefit from a streamlined, seven-step application and selection process and, if selected, will have the opportunity to participate in an intensive Training Institute in the summer designed to prepare them to enter their classrooms as full-time teachers in the fall.


Before you do anything else, we encourage you to read through the material on this website carefully. It covers everything from the types of classrooms in which Fellows will teach to specific testing dates for required teaching exams. Familiarize yourself with the details of the program. If you want more information, you may attend an information session.


Please be sure to thoroughly read the section on Eligibility as this is a critical piece of the application process. Only applications of eligible candidates will be reviewed. Also note that we are only recruiting candidates to teach math, special education, and bilingual Spanish elementary (K-6).  If you still have questions about your specific situation, please email us at


Applying is easy with our online application. The online application form, itself, as well as the resume and application question responses, can be submitted electronically.  (We offer three application deadlines for the Teaching Fellows program. Because of the competitive nature of Denver Teaching Fellows and the limited number of spaces, we recommend that candidates apply early.)  Click here to apply today!

A complete application includes the following:

It is possible to begin an online application, save your work, and return at a later time to complete and submit your materials.

Application Questions
You will be asked to respond to three specific application questions. Candidates should address these three questions in 200 - 400 words each.

  • Nearly all Fellows are hired to teach in ‘high-need’ schools that are located in low-income communities. Why do you want to teach in a high-need school, and what experiences have prepared you for the challenges of teaching in a high-need school?
  • You are a first year teacher in a high-needs school, with two months left until the end of the academic year. You implement fun and engaging activities in class and offer tutoring 3-4 times a week; however, one third of your students failed the last grading period. Several of these students consistently break established classroom rules by listening to their iPods, not turning in work, or engaging in off-topic conversation. Many of your students worry that because of all the distractions in class, they will not be prepared to pass the end-of-year standardized exam, which is required to move to the next grade level.

    • You reach out to your principal for help. The principal states that other teachers with the same level of experience are more effective and you assure her that you already reached out to them, as well as more experienced teachers, for advice. She asks you what is going on in your class, and what you plan to do about it.
      • What are the likely causes of the challenges in your classroom?
      • Explain your top two priorities for addressing these challenges, including why you chose these priorities.
      • What is the likelihood you could ensure high academic achievement for all of your students, and why?
  • Briefly describe a time when you achieved a goal in the face of challenges or while balancing multiple responsibilities.  What steps did you take to ensure you would meet your goal, and how will that experience contribute to your ability to be successful with your students? 

Responses to these application questions provide information not captured elsewhere in the application. Responses are used to evaluate a candidate’s writing and critical thinking skills, and more importantly, to gain a sense of commitment to teaching students in Denver’s high-need classrooms. This should not be a generic personal statement or cover letter, but should offer insight on why an individual is applying to teach and what (s)he has to offer. Generic cover letters will not be accepted.

Candidates should draft responses to these three application questions in a separate word document and paste it into the appropriate section of the online application..

The resume should clearly outline a candidate’s work history in chronological order, including dates of employment and descriptions of responsibilities and accomplishments. In addition to providing employment information, the resume is the best way for candidates to highlight previous achievements - both academic and professional - along with any community involvement or volunteer experience. The resume should also highlight any teaching experience or student-related activities and ideally should be no more than one page in length.

The resume document should be created prior to applying online and uploaded when completing the online application. Please note: Only documents saved in Word can be accepted. We cannot accept documents in PDF, Microsoft Works, Word Perfect, etc.

The completed online application form requires your undergraduate GPA, as well as information about undergraduate coursework. If you are granted an interview, it is based on material you provide in this application. Therefore, it is extremely important that all information is correct; all grades and coursework will be verified upon receipt of your transcripts on interview day.

Note that candidates with a cumulative undergraduate GPA below 3.0 will have the opportunity to address any issues pertaining to their academic performance in the online application. Please note we cannot use a graduate GPA in place of an undergraduate GPA.  For your reference, the prompt on the application reads as follows:

If your cumulative GPA is below 3.0, please enter a statement addressing any issues that may be relevant to your academic performance (300 words max).


Most Fellows must register for, study for, and pass the Praxis II or PLACE exams before the start of the Training Institute and before enrollment in the program can be finalized. Candidates invited to interview with the Teaching Fellows program will receive individualized guidance on the appropriate Praxis II or PLACE exam with their invitation to interview, and are urged to register at that time for their exam(s). Fellows who will teach in bilingual Spanish classrooms must take and pass the Denver Public Schools’ administered Spanish Language Proficiency (SLP) exam. It is imperative that all candidates STUDY thoroughly for the Praxis II or PLACE. The exams often prove difficult even for individuals with deep content knowledge or relevant professional experience. Review the Testing Requirements section of this website for more information.


If you are invited to interview, you will be required to submit at least one copy of the transcripts from each institution you attended; these transcripts may be unofficial or official. However, if you are accepted into the program, you must submit official (sealed) copies of transcripts from each institution you attended, which must be filed with the Fellows office before training begins. Your admission is contingent upon receipt of official transcripts. Because it often takes universities several weeks to process requests for official transcripts, we recommend that you request at least three copies of these transcripts now. We strongly encourage applicants to bring official transcripts to the interview event. Please note that we cannot return transcripts after they have been submitted, even if you are not admitted to the program. If you are admitted, you will need additional transcripts to submit for district processing and to gain admission to your alternative licensure program.

If you attended a foreign university, please review the Eligibility section for information specific to candidates with foreign transcripts.

STEP 6: INTERVIEW (if invited)

Every application is reviewed for completeness, eligibility, and potential for success as a Fellow.  You will receive notification of your application status within two weeks of our receipt of your complete application.  All candidates should be prepared to interview in Denver within two to three weeks of applying to the program. The interview event will include a teaching sample, a dialogue with other candidates, and a personal interview. Please note that not all applicants will be invited to interview.


After the interview, interviewees will be notified of their application status within approximately two to three weeks of the interview event. Based on the strengths of the submitted application materials and successful participation in an Interview Event, Denver Public Schools will decide whether or not a candidate is accepted as a Denver Teaching Fellow. At this time, selected candidates will be given an enrollment package with additional information on the program and a deadline by which to enroll in the Teaching Fellows program.

Due to the competitive nature of our program and limited space, we strongly encourage you to apply early. We also strongly recommend that candidates review the teaching exam requirements. We are looking for outstanding candidates to teach math, special education, and bilingual Spanish (K-6). This is your opportunity to make a real difference in Denver through a meaningful career as a teacher.



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