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Fellows will participate in an accelerated alternate route to licensure program at Metropolitan State College of Denver, teaching full-time while completing licensure requirements. Licensure coursework is generally completed within 2 years.  In order to begin licensure coursework, Fellows must successfully complete summer training that is specifically designed for Denver Teaching Fellows and is free of cost, before then completing additional academic licensure (also known as certification) requirements while teaching full-time. Upon successful completion of licensure coursework as well as all additional DTF and DPS requirements for licensure, Fellows are eligible to earn their 3-year Initial License from the Colorado Department of Education. 

All Fellows formally commit to working towards and completing their licensing requirements when accepting their offer to join the Teaching Fellows program. Note that all licensing courses and requirements are determined and managed by Denver Public Schools, the state of Colorado, and/or licensure partners – NOT the Teaching Fellows program. All Fellows are responsible for covering the costs of all licensure coursework requirements. Generally general educators will pay $6,800 over two years to complete coursework at Metropolitan State College of Denver, and special educators will pay $8,600 over two years.

Fellows will begin teaching under an alternative teaching license. In order to meet the requirements of this license, Fellows must prove that they have passed the appropriate Praxis II or PLACE exam, and complete additional enrollment processing steps (such as securing fingerprinting clearance and submitting official transcripts).

While the Teaching Fellows program helps Fellows connect the pieces to earn their teaching license, it is the Fellow’s responsibility to meet licensure program requirements. More detailed information on enrollment in the alternative licensing program will be provided to Fellows upon enrollment and during summer Institute.

First-year Fellows may be eligible for the Teaching Fellows AmeriCorps Education Awards Program after successfully completing their first year of teaching.  The award, which is valid for seven years after issuance, may be used to pay for licensure coursework or future education costs, including the repayment of eligible student loans.  Additionally, Fellows who enroll in the AmeriCorps program will be able to put most existing student loans into forbearance during their term of service with AmeriCorps.

More detailed information on the ability to participate in the Teaching Fellows—AmeriCorps Education Awards Program and details on licensure costs will be provided to Fellows upon enrollment in the Teaching Fellows program and during the summer training. Please note that AmeriCorps membership will be determined in September 2012 and is dependent upon availability of funds from grant sources. This notification should be taken as a guarantee that AmeriCorps funds will be available or distributed to Fellows.



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