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Salary & Benefits

Salary & Benefits


The starting salary for Fellows is the same as that for all other beginning teachers earning initial licensure through an alternative licensure program. Starting teachers with no previous classroom experience typically earn $37,551 in their first year, depending on their education level. (See Licensure section of this website for details about this alternative licensing program). Fellows become salaried employees of the district when all teachers report back to work in August; teachers normally receive their first pay check during the first month of teaching. Click here for the Denver Public Schools Salary Schedule.

In addition, Denver Public Schools is home of ProComp, a Professional Compensation System that has earned national attention for how it rewards teachers for their professional accomplishments. The goal of ProComp is to align teachers’ compensation with the district's mission of student learning. Fellows can earn extra bonuses of $2,345 for teaching certain subject areas and for teaching in certain high-need schools.  Fellows and new teachers will receive more information on the details of this compensation system once they become full employees of Denver Public Schools.

Summer Training Stipend

After successful completion of the summer Training Institute, Fellows are provided with a $2,000 pre-tax transitional stipend. Because of the timing of the training stipend and because the time between the end of training and a Fellow’s first paycheck may be lengthy, we strongly encourage Fellows to take appropriate measures to ensure their financial well-being during this time.


As employees of the district, Fellows are eligible for the same comprehensive benefits as all district teachers, including health, dental, life insurance, and long term disability insurance. Click here to learn more about Denver Public Schools' benefits.

Tuition Stipend

As employees of DPS, Fellows will have access to a lifetime tuition reimbursement of $4,000.  DPS will reimburse the cost of licensure coursework, books, and professional development fees for up to $4,000 during their tenure with DPS.

AmeriCorps Education Awards

First year Denver Teaching Fellows may be eligible to receive an AmeriCorps education award from the Corporation for National and Community Service. Visit the Licensure section of this website for more information.

Loan Forgiveness

Fellows may be eligible for loan cancellation or deferment of Perkins or Stafford loans.  For details about eligibility, please contact your loan provider directly to confirm whether programs are available for indivdiuals who make a commitment to teach full-time in under-resourced schools.  For additional information on loan forgiveness programs, please click here.



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