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Securing Your Teaching Position

Securing Your Teaching Position

Denver Teaching Fellows teach students in the subject areas and the schools where their expertise is needed the most. Candidates accepted into Denver Teaching Fellows will be assigned to teach in a specific subject area. The subject to which Fellows are assigned is based on teaching eligibility, district need, and—whenever possible—the candidate’s stated preferences. We are currently recruiting for math, special education, and bilingual Spanish (K-6) classrooms. Eligibility is determined according to strict district, state, and licensure partner requirements which stipulate that in order to teach a subject, candidates must demonstrate competence in a subject. Fellows must pass specific examinations in order to begin the DTF training institute in summer 2010 and to start teaching full time in the fall.

The Fellows’ search for a teaching position with a specific school is called the district hiring process. The program office will help to coordinate the job search by directing Fellows to schools with vacancies in their subject area and, where possible, arranging interviews with school hiring representatives directly.

The district hiring process can be challenging. Due to mobility within the school system, it is often difficult to predict exact vacancies until very close to, and in some cases just after, the beginning of the school year. The job search process is typically experienced in phases, and will therefore look different before, during and after training. Fellows may secure their teaching positions through job fairs or individual on-site interviews with principals and assistant principals. Teaching Fellows will receive more detailed information on the district hiring process once they have been accepted to and have enrolled in the program.

It is the mission of the Denver Teaching Fellows program to work in schools with the highest need for teachers. As a result, all candidates must be flexible about their teaching assignment and should be prepared to teach wherever they are most needed. Teaching Fellows will embark on their new careers addressing inequities in education, by setting high expectations for the students in their classrooms and dedicating themselves to impacting these students’ achievement. We call on you to accept the urgent challenge to make a difference in schools in most need of high-quality educators.

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